Alphali’s mission is to help mid to large organizations succeed in their lean-agile transformation through Realistic End-to-end Agile and Lean (R.E.A.L.) approach.

We are a group of agile coaches and practitioners who have made our customers success as our first priority. We have decades of experience working with organizations at various levels from developer to executive management to customers. This allows us to quickly pinpoint the issues and working with you to establish the right processes and tools for YOU.

We provide scaled agile solutions built around validated agile mindset and practices, turbo-charged with automation tools. Whether you want to ease into agile through gradual transition from traditional waterfall model or further extend your corporate agility by introducing DevOps; moving to a user-centric design model, we can make it painless. All this will be done with the lean-agile mindset in place to reap the most organizational benefit.

Working with our partners, we are your one stop solution for training, coaching and transforming your way into a more nimble and effective organization.